British Fantasy Society Awards 2022

I’m delighted to announce that my story, Sky Eyes, has been nominated in the Best Short Fiction category for the 2022 BFS Awards. The story appeared in Dreamland: Other Stories, which has been nominated in the Best Anthology category as well as C A Yates’ contribution to the anthology, Fill The Thickened Lung With Breath. Congratulations to all the nominees and many thanks to editor Sophie Essex and publisher Black Shuck Books for taking my story. The winners will be announced at Fantasy Con in mid-September.

Meanwhile, I’ve just finished a very rough first draft of my screenplay, Charcoal. I usually write in a mixture of longhand and typing up/editing. Due to my printer having given up the ghost, I’ve been writing purely in longhand for the last few months. As I now have a (fairly long) short story, Every Moment Is The Beginning Of Forever, nearing completion of its first draft, I have a lot of copy typing to do to catch up! But I’m happy with both projects.

4 thoughts on “British Fantasy Society Awards 2022

  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations – all my best wishes for your story, please keep us posted on the award results. Also very impressed with your completion of a first draft of your screenplay – written in longhand, no less!

    • Thank you! The screenplay’s been torturous but getting it to this stage is a useful milestone. And I will post the results of all the awards.

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