Photo: Julie Travis

“Hard to categorise, slipstream horror maybe (or bloodstream?)…intense, deep and intelligent.”- Steve Dean, British Fantasy Society.

“Brings to mind both Barker’s Cenobites and the King/Straub collaborations… Travis knows how to pitch a telling phrase and she doesn’t shirk from describing the more horrific aspects of the story.” – Peter Tennant, Black Static.

“Concise, contemporary horror.” – Rick Cadger, Back Brain Recluse.

Horror/dark fantasy writer, compared to Clive Barker, Thomas Ligotti, Catherynne M. Valente, Edgar Allan Poe, David Lynch and Stephen King/Peter Straub. Born in north-west London in 1967, re-located to West Cornwall in September 2002. Worked with performance poet and playwright Joelle Taylor in London’s Poetry Café (where actress Katy Darby did a reading of Perpetual Motion). She continues to write short stories/novellas – mostly solo but also in collaboration with other writers – and occasional folk gig reviews for the local paper (The Cornishman). A ‘born again Pagan’ who spends time at the sacred sites of Cornwall and Dartmoor. See Collusion and Illusion for more details.

Contact: travisjulie [at]


Fiction [all are British independent slipstream/sf/horror magazines unless stated]

The Porta-Caval Shunt – Night Mail #2 1991 (art fanzine)

Jump From A Speeding Car – R.E.M. #2 1992

The Guinea WormThe Third Alternative #5 1994 (republished in Last Rites and Resurrections, first TTA anthology, 1995 [winner of a British Fantasy Award, 1996])

The Fourth World – Psychotrope #3 1995

Bedlam’s Way – Saccade #10 c.1996 (this story was originally selected for the New Statesman magazine’s supplement of new fiction, edited by Mat Coward, in around 1995. The supplement was never published, for unknown reasons)

Owl-Blasted – Necrologue 2003 (Diva horror anthology, winner of 2004 Gaylactic Spectrum Award)

Moon Wood – Va Va Voom 2004 (Diva anthology of erotica)

God’s Favourite Creatures* – Kimota #6 1997

Best Wishes – Dummy #1 1999 (London women’s art/prose magazine)

Perpetual Motion* – Kimota #16 2002

Darkwor(l)ds – self published chapbook with six short stories 2002

DarkworldsPremonitions: Causes For Alarm 2008 (horror/slipstream anthology, story given Honourable Mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 2009)

The World Beneath Covers of Darkness May 2011 (U.S. horror anthology)

Cross Bound – Aphelion September 2011 (U.S. sf/fantasy webzine). Story chosen by Aphelion as one of their best of the year (see February 2012 issue).

Blue – Kzine #1 September 2011 (Kindle magazine)

The Falling Man Storylandia #7, (Los Angeles literary fiction journal) Autumn 2012

PiecesUrban Occult (Anachron Press, horror anthology), March 2013. This story is dedicated to the memories of Jhonn Balance (1962 – 2004) and Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson (1955 – 2010).

The Ferocious NightStorylandia #12, May 2014.

From The Bones, Grave Goods, Scar Tissue, Theophany, WiddershinsStorylandia #15, Collected Stories By Julie Travis, April 2015.

Blue – Killing It Softly 2 (Digital Fiction [Canada] anthology of women’s horror), eBook and paperback, October 2017. [Reprint from Kzine #1, 2011.]

Cross-Bound, A Fairy Ring, Humans Remain – Fast-Clean-Cheap (editor: Andy Martin,, paperback, November 2017. [Cross-Bound reprinted from Aphelion webzine, Sept 2011.]

Dark Fires, Beautiful Silver Spacesuits, The Spoiler, Pig Iron, The Man Who Builds The Ruins, March Of The Marvellous, The Hidden, Parasomnia, We Are All Falling Towards The Centre Of The Earth – We Are All Falling Towards The Centre Of The Earth, 2nd collection, Wapshott Press, Summer Solstice 2018.

Trigger – Vastarien Vol 1, issue 2. Chosen by Ellen Datlow for her recommended reading list 2018.

Tomorrow, When I Was Young – chapbook, Eibonvale Press, October 2019.

The Cruor Garland – Monsters Out of the Closet podcast, episode 26, December 2019.

This Is How A Star Dies – Contagious Magick of the Super Abundance: The Art & Life of Ian Johnstone, Timeless Press, December 2019 [see also non-fiction].

*These stories republished in Kimota Anthology, released on Kindle 2011

Non-Fiction [in magazines or fanzines unless stated otherwise]

Photography of Highgate Cemetery, London – Night Mail #1

Sister George – interview, Scotsgay #3 1995

Various articles/columns/reviews – Vaseline Zine/The V Files, the magazine of Club V, 1995 – 1999, under the name Susan Curtis.

How Was It For You, Darling? (Where Now For British Queercore?) – Girl Frenzy #6 1996

London Lesbian Avengers – article, Girl Frenzy #6

Blade Runners – article on self-harm, Diva June 1999

Shooting From The Lip – interview with Joelle Taylor, Diva, March 2000

‘For All Girls Banging Drums In Bedrooms’ – interview with Gertrude, Diva, May 2000

The Talking Cure – article on counselling, Diva, December 2000

No Justice, Just Us – interview with Julie Bindel/Justice For Women, Diva, December 2001

Milking The Revolution – article on the Radical Dairy, Stoke Newington, Diva, c2002

Two of Us: Cassandra and Laetitia Latham Jones – interview with St Buryan Village Wisewomen, Curve, December 2013

Turning The Tables – interview with Ellyott Ben Ezzer, Curve, June 2014

The Devil’s In The Detail – guest post for Priya Sharma‘s website, June 2018.

Intro: Everything Has A Discharge and prose accompanying The Leg-Cutting Piece – Contagious Magick of the Super Abundance: The Art & Life of Ian Johnstone, Timeless Press, December 2019 [see also fiction].

Various birds [photography] – cd booklet and cd label included with UNIT album ‘The Colours of Life’, 2013, and in cd booklet issued with UNIT album ‘Rock In Opposition Phase 5’, 2014

And reviews of gigs by 3 Daft Monkeys, Eliza Carthy, The Imagined Village, Show of Hands, Jackie Oates & Karen Tweed, Martin Carthy in The Cornishman (West Cornwall local paper) circa 2005-present.


All images and text ©Julie Travis unless otherwise stated.

2 thoughts on “Bibliography/Contact

  1. Really glad to find out you`re still writing, Julie. Just googled you – took about three seconds to find this site. Have a Happy Midwinter, Arthur Straker, formerly of REM magazine.

    • Hello, Arthur! Lovely to hear from you. Are you still involved in the fiction/magazine world? I’m writing more now than I ever have. I’ve always appreciated the faith you had in me many moons ago. Happy Solstice to you, too.

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