The forest is a college, each tree a university

St Michael’s Mount

Here’s an interview with Graeme Hurry of Kzine, the new British SF Kindle-only magazine. I have a story included in the first issue, which should appear during this year, but I’m undecided about how I feel about e-readers. I must admit that I’ve not even seen, yet alone used, a Kindle. I did wonder if iPad’s (etc) would render them obsolete, but I don’t know enough about it all (although Graeme mentions intended improvements to Kindle in the interview, which brings up the question of constantly buying/upgrading gadgets but that’s for another day). My main thought is that you’re not likely to get mugged if you’re on a bus/train reading an old paperback. But which is more eco-friendly? Should forests really be colleges?

The Welcome To Levanthia page now contains a full (more or less) bibliography, the first I have compiled properly. It’s given me a clearer idea of where I’ve been and where I’m heading. I’d forgotten that Bedlam’s Way, which was originally going to be included in a fiction supplement in the New Statesman – which never materialized for reasons never explained – actually appeared in print in Saccade magazine, so that was quite a surprise, expecially as I was thinking of re-writing and extending it and sending it out for publication! The only things I’ve not included are the various fanzines I wrote in the 1980s. They may well appear there soon.

And The Falling Man is now finished as a second draft. I’m keen to get it properly into shape and to one of the editors interested in reading more of my work. As usual, continual tiredness gets in the way.