A first glimpse of Storylandia

Storylandia 15 Proofs

These are the front and back covers of Storylandia 15. It will be re-titled as the Spring 2015 issue of the journal rather than Winter, but apart from that all is more or less now finalised (photographed are the first and second proofs) and I expect physical and e-copies to be available soon. My huge thanks and appreciation to editor Ginger Mayerson and all at Wapshott Press for their faith in me and all their work on this collection.

In other news: Andy Martin is reportedly remastering just about all of The Apostles’ releases, beginning with all the singles, for cd releases on BBP Records. This was begun some time ago but was halted due to the untimely death of BBP’s Stephen Parsons. I’m assuming the first compilation will include The Apostles’ 7th e.p. recorded with my old band, The Joy of Living, which has been described as ‘folk punk’ and ‘anarcho acoustic’. This was released on cd several years back as part of a Mortarhate Records compilation, but was taken straight from the vinyl rather than remastered. I’m intrigued as to how this will turn out!



UNIT re-records ‘The Wasteland’


Andy Martin’s prog-rock/avant garde/difficult to label music group Unit have re-recorded The Wasteland for their forthcoming album (release date as yet unknown). Martin wrote the song many years ago, but it wasn’t suitable for his group at the time, The Apostles, so it was recorded with the remnants of The Joy of Living, the band I was in at the time and it appeared on our joint e.p. (see this entry for details). Andy has sent me an MP3 of the track and while it’s utterly different from that version, with some ethereal lead and backing vocals and different instrumentation, it’s still almost instantly recognisable. I am extremely fond of both versions and Andy says the new version is closer to what he originally had in mind. The band has also been generous enough to dedicate the track to myself, drummer Yvette Haynes and singer Sharon Cooper, a very touching gesture.

And for a heavy but essential read, try Andy’s recently published account of English comprehensive school life during the 1970s, Faded Fragments of Distant Dreams. Anyone who suffered at the hands of bullying ‘classmates’ or teachers during their school years will find parts of this tome shudderingly familiar. These things need to be documented, but it’s taken a braver person than I’ll ever be to set these stories down.