Backwards into the backwoods

Work on my screenplay, Charcoal, continues, albeit at a slow pace. It’s a long haul and recent personal events have made it difficult to focus, (hence the vagueness of this post!) but any kind of progress at the moment is good. But I’ve begun work on an art project and switching between it and the screenplay is proving quite effective. The art project – Backwards Into The Backwoods – is planned to be in foldable poster format, very similar to the wraparound covers that the likes of Crass released with their singles and albums in the 1980s and I’m planning for it to look as much like a 7 inch single as possible, with a mixture of fiction extracts, photography and other graphics. It’s a pretty self-indulgent piece of work, and, if I go ahead and publish it there will only be a very limited amount available as I just don’t think it will be of interest to many people. This is the first time I’ve done this kind of project completely alone and it will be very different to Dykes Ink and the material put aside for any future issue. I’m unlikely to have funds to print it for some time, but I want to have the artwork completed reasonably soon. My limited technical/computer skills have slowed things down a little, but I’m learning as I go. That’s all I can say for now.