Dykes Ink Hits The Streets


It’s been a hectic couple of months.

First – a DUV update. Myself and Cat have been flat out promoting Friday’s event (Swallow Your Pride); a radio interview, a bit of local press, a lot of social media, networking and fly posting to spread the word. Oh, and some controversy, which seems to follow DUV whether we want it to or not! But we’re not worried about rattling a few cages. I’m confident that Swallow Your Pride will  be a fantastic event – given the acts we’ve booked, it can’t be anything but.

Local radio station Coast FM have been very supportive and did an excellent interview, where we were able to explain what we’re about and why DUV was created and local newspaper The Cornishman gave a decent amount of space to our gig poster and blurb. At the time of writing we’re trying to recuperate before the event.

We then refocused on the zine, which was mostly completed and is, literally, hot off the press as I write. We’ve created something that’s pretty unique, I think, and the combination of old-school cutting and pasting physical images and writing, and computers/new technology, has worked really well. How it will be received is anyone’s guess but you can guarantee it will cause a stir, bearing in mind that people have objected to our ‘Unicorn Free Zone’ poster, the use of the word ‘queer’ and the proclamation ‘Diversity and perversity!’ Despite Penzance’s idea of itself as being arty and somewhat Bohemian, it’s clear to me that conservatism still rules. Time to shake the air!

I’ve managed to fit in a fair bit of fiction writing too, recently, and am immensely happy with new story A Cure For The Common Cold. 3000+ words in, it still has some way to go but I’m enjoying stepping away into the different world and headspace that writing fiction brings.