Sing out loud, “We all die!”

Design: Dead Unicorn Ventures

Work with Dead Unicorn Ventures continues – the zine is near completion but the focus has been on Swallow Your Pride. Our Press Release has now been sent to local press and radio, BBC Radio 2’s Folk Show and other interested parties. Promoting a gig of this scale is entirely new to me, and we’re determined to sell the venue out, so complacency is not an option. We’re in the process of designing more posters to help spread the word via social media and already have some interest from a local journalist.

I’m working on fiction again. ‘A Cure For The Common Cold’ is now 2000 words long and well in hand. It’s been hard work getting back into the headspace to write fiction, but I’m happy with what I’m coming out with. I’m also preparing to push my most recent collection, ‘We Are All Falling Towards The Centre Of The Earth’ a little more by taking it to a couple of local independent book shops in Penzance with a view to them selling a few copies, as well as trying to get Waterstones on board to sell some. Much as I believe in my writing, I continually fall short when it comes to promoting it and I’m trying to change that.

David Mathew’s forthcoming short story collection, ‘Panic Soup’ will include some back cover blurb from me. I was asked to do this a while ago and was very impressed with the stories, so it was a pleasure to do so. I’ll post here when the book’s published.


Text by Julie Travis, title from a lyric by The Glove

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