Dykes Inkorporated


I’ve been immersed in activities relating to Dead Unicorn Ventures recently. The ‘zine now has a name – DYKES INK – various people are writing pieces for it and we will be interviewing local political rock band The Tribunes on January 19th. A few days before that we’ll be hitting the streets with the start of a fly-posting campaign to promote the gig and to show that the local Queer community is creating something interesting. This has come at the right time, I think; not only are we bored at the lack of a meaningful local scene, the far Right are well on the rise and us ‘Others’ need to be seen and heard.

Fiction has inevitably taken a bit of a back seat but I’m writing again now. Sky Eyes is still progressing and I’m hoping to be able to announce some further good news on the fiction front. There are so many possibilities now that I feel as if I’m attracting good fortune. It’s intruiging to be somewhere other than the wilderness for a while.