Book recall

Due to an inexplicable error by the publishers, initial copies of We Are All Falling Towards The Centre Of The Earth are not the finalised version AND SHOULD NOT BE BOUGHT UNTIL THIS WEBSITE STATES THAT THE FINALISED VERSION IS AVAILABLE.

If you bought a copy before 27 June 2018 (when sales were temporarily pulled), please accept my apologies for this mess-up: I’ve been working flat out to try and resolve these problems but basically, this kind of thing is unacceptable. The initial versions are so bad they’re not worth reading.

Physical copies will need to be returned to the seller – which, as it will be via Amazon, will have a 30 day return policy – telling them you have an uncorrected proof, and you will get a refund. You then reorder the book. Ebook copies can be similarly returned within 14 days of purchase. When reordered, the correct version will be sent to your device.

Again, please accept my sincere apologies. The correct version should be available in a few days but I will confirm this here.


6 thoughts on “Book recall

  1. Sorry to hear about this. It must be very frustrating for you. Is it simply a few typos or deeper problems? I’ve read the first story in the physical version and couldn’t see anything amiss.

    • There are a massive amount of errors, especially in the last story. If you email your address to me, travisjulie (at), I will send you a replacement copy – posting it to the US will be expensive and you shouldn’t have to pay.

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