Guest Post: The Devil’s In The Detail by Julie Travis

Guest post by me on horror/dark fantasy writer Priya Sharma’s website. If you don’t know of her work, check out her site and her writing. She’s pretty amazing.

priya sharma fiction

“Paps! Paps in the landscape!”

Many years ago I interviewed Cheryl Straffon, a Cornish witch, and she was describing the female qualities of the two hills near Land’s End. As a lifelong acolyte of folklore, magick and the supernatural, it felt like an entirely natural thing to be discussing. And it gave a sensual new angle to my conviction that the landscape is a living thing.

I’ve often seen folklore described as something intrinsically linked to the British rural landscape of times gone by. To do so is to underestimate folklore and overestimate one country’s importance. Folklore is universal – every culture, every country on the planet, is rich with it. The urban landscape and the present day are full of folklore. The tradition is as alive as the environment on which it feeds.

The Universe, our planet, nature, the reasons for our existence – are awe-inspiring, frightening things. Humans…

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