Episodes from another world

Peter Tennant’s kind review of Storylandia, published last year in Black Static magazine, now available on his blog. Cyril Simsa’s collection, also reviewed here, sounds very interesting. My thanks to Peter for this.


Reviews of two short story collections that originally appeared in Black Static #53:-


Storylandia is the title of ‘The Wapshott Journal of Fiction’, published by Wapshott Press. The Spring 2015 issue, STORYLANDIA #15 (Wapshott Press pb, 142pp, $7.50), is dedicated to the work of Julie Travis, a writer who will be familiar to older readers from the early days of our predecessor The Third Alternative and possibly from other places as well. It contains five stories, all of them previously unpublished, and which, though the writer admits a preference for the term “slipstream”, have about them much that should appeal to horror genre purists.

Opening proceedings is ‘From the Bones’ which begins with the discovery of two separate burials on Dartmoor and the unearthing of ancient bodies that have been miraculously preserved and yet prove to have writing on their bones. For amateur archaeologist Vivienne this…

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2 thoughts on “Episodes from another world

  1. Hi Julie,

    Just come across your message on my blog about my short story. Thanks for the encouraging words! It really means a lot. I have sent it out to a couple of places but no luck but I really should get back on and submit a lot. I’ve got some other stuff that needs polishing up which i’ll try sending out as well. Really enjoying Storylandia! Great stuff! I’m a bit off internet/social media for a while but hopefully have a proper chat with you soon! x Clive

    • Hi, yes, loved your story, it can be quite a slog to find the right publication, I’ve nearly given up so many times, it’s a matter of keeping one’s self belief – everything has a place somewhere. Thanks for your kind words re Storylandia, glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 x

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