This moment is not forever


Photo: Julie Travis

And the scales balance again…I’ve swapped stories (mine: A Fairy Ring, due to be published in Andy Martin’s Fast-Clean-Cheap anthology this year, I hope) with writer and friend, Maj Ikle, who I deeply respect for her work and everything else she does. We used to meet in East London for wired conversations about writing and I’ve had many, many constructive and inspired comments from her on my work.

The Spoiler continues in a slightly, possibly a massively different way: I had an idea to change an aspect of the story, and the story has ‘forked’ several thousand words in, so has an alternative idea currently running parallel to the original. Whether this will turn out to be a matter of choosing which path makes the final cut, or if it’s possible to keep both ideas in the final copy, is yet to make itself clear. If the latter doesn’t work in this story, then it’s something I intend to make happen in the future.

I’m very happy to announce that The Morales, a band from Devon/Dartmoor, will be using a photograph of Bodmin Gaol (seen on this website), on the cover of their forthcoming album. I checked the band out and liked what I saw, so gave them my blessing. Best wishes to them!

The backdrop to all this is Kate Bush’s live album Before The Dawn, a cd that confirms the gigs she played in London in 2014 were incredible and the descriptions of them being a ‘spiritual experience’ were not an exaggeration.

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2 thoughts on “This moment is not forever

  1. Great news! Congrats!! By the way, this is slightly off-topic, but have you done or thought of doing a book of stories (or essays) with your photos? Your images are so haunting (and haunted!), I think that’d work excellently. Not too commonly done, but it occurred to me after liking so much of your writing AND your images together. Are you familiar w/the German writer WG Sebald? He died a few years ago, and wasn’t a horror/fantasy writer, but wrote amazing books that clearly blurred the lines between fiction and nonfiction, accompanied by what apparently were real photos. They definitely add another dimension to the work.

    • I would love to do an illustrated book! I was fortunate enough to have a photo of mine chosen for the Storylandia collection, and I’m really hoping the photo I have in mind is used for the forthcoming book, but it would be quite phenomenal to have photos throughout…..I’ll give it some thought. I’m not familiar with Sebald, I’ll check him out right now…

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