And the Winter Solstice begins and ends in blood

Photo: Julie Travis

Photo: Julie Travis

Greetings on this Winter Solstice.

I’ve just found another review for the Storylandia 15 collection, courtesy of Jon Yates on My thanks to him for these kind words:

‘Slipstream’ Indeed: Waking Nightmares From An Under-Regarded Master by Jon Yates, 22 October 2016.

Julie Travis’ Storylandia collection is a must for any devoted follower of weird/dark/occult fiction. Drawing on varied influences, chief among them Britain’s pagan past, Travis manages to evoke a sense of “widdershins” otherworldiness, a nightmarish sense of the waking world slipping sideways into the inexplicable. Comparisons to writers like Clive Barker and Thomas Ligotti are apt (I’d also add Ramsey Campbell at his most lysergic), though I’d also comfortably file these stories between the stranger works of, say, Jonathan Carroll or Haruki Murakami, as the best of the stories (“Widdershins”, “Scar Tissue”) transcend their genre trappings into a far more magical (sur)realist territory. This collection deserves ten times the attention it has received thus far, and lucky are those who pick it up…I can guarantee you’ll speed through these tales and be waiting as impatiently as I for a follow up.


All images and text ©Julie Travis and Jon Yates, as appropriate.


4 thoughts on “And the Winter Solstice begins and ends in blood

  1. VERY nice! congratulations, very positive and apt comparisons to other writers also (including a couple that I don’t know and will have to check out). (What a wonderful gift; plus another great blog post title and photo.) Happy Solstice!

    • Thank you, hope you had a good Solstice too. As you’ll see in my response below, there’s some balance to those comments. As to the title of the piece, I was unsure whether to use it, so your feedback is appreciated. It refers to my physical condition of late.

  2. What a powerful Solstice present – the gift of positive & constructive feedback on your work. So glad that people are checking out your work, giving you your props due & spreading the word. Have a fantastic Solstice & a Cool Yule!!!

    • Yes, I wanted to be positive on the Solstice and make as much of that energy as possible. As I said above, I need to balance an extremely negative ‘comment’ that was given recently: my next post will be addressing this, not only to show fairness but also because it brings up some sad but inescapable truths.

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