Bad moon rising

Photo: Julie Travis

Photo: Julie Travis

I’m close to completing a first draft of new story Dark Fire. I’ve decided to stick with this title; it’s an alchemical term that describes an intense fire which consumes itself. The title of a painting by Ithell Colquhoun, I thought it perfect for the story. Or, perhaps, for the way I’m feeling at the moment. Either way, it works. David Bowie’s Blackstar and Coil’s Astral Disaster have been played repeatedly while I’ve been writing this story. Both albums have an otherworldly air to them and have induced some profoundly altered states of mind, which will be clear to anyone reading the story! It did at one point become too strange/frightening to continue with, but I want to explore this kind of thing further.

It’s possible I’ll finish the draft before I head off to Cumbria in around ten days – it’d be a good place to leave the work for the time I’m away. The trip is in part a sad pilgrimage in memory of Ian Johnstone, to visit some of the places he loved, including of course, Jhonn Balance’s memorial at Bassenthwaite Lake. There is still a lot of storm damage in the county, but hopefully life is getting back to normal for most of the residents there. For me, the whole world has changed since I was last there eighteen months ago but I still hope to find some beauty there.


All images and text ©Julie Travis unless otherwise stated.

4 thoughts on “Bad moon rising

  1. Great title. I was so saddened by Bowie’s passing (unexpected), and also by Lemmy’s (unsurprising). So hard to see our beloved heroes fall! How important to pay tribute in person to those you love and miss – and I’m sure you’ll find the wild beauty in Cumbria.

    • Thanks, TLP. I’ve felt quite crushed by Bowie’s death. Lemmy’s was sad, but I salute the age he made it to given his lifestyle. We also lost Vi Subversa in February, singer/guitarist for anarcho-feminist band Poison Girls. This is certainly the year of goodbyes.

  2. Damn, I didn’t hear about Vi Subversa; she was/is extremely inspirational.

    Love the bit in your post about being scared of going further down a particular creative avenue, but going there anyway. Very brave – and necessary! That’s a crucial aspect of creativity. I look forward to hearing about your trip to Cumbria.

    • Vi was 80, so lived to a very great age, but it closes yet another door to my past. Selfish? Reaction to death can be, I suppose.

      The new camera will be well tested on the trip, so expect plenty of photos!

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