Several times I heard footsteps behind me, but when I turned around the lane was empty

Frosty Leaves

Photo: Julie Travis

The title of this piece was inspired by a walk I did yesterday, along quiet lanes and bridleways overlooking ancient field systems. It made me think I could be in an M R James story.

New story Dark Fire (working title) is progressing well. I can’t see where it could possibly be placed – any Occult magazines I’ve seen have been very academic, and the story just won’t fit into any other category or genre. Of course ‘slipstream’ is supposed to cover a lot of the uncoverable, but that just doesn’t seem to extend to what I write these days. The one chink of light has been reading Sleep Has His House by Anna Kavan; her utter belief in the power and reality of her dreams makes me feel somewhat vindicated in what I do.


All images and text ©Julie Travis unless otherwise stated.

4 thoughts on “Several times I heard footsteps behind me, but when I turned around the lane was empty

  1. I obviously don’t know the exact content of your story or its length, but would Black Static or Dark Fuse be an appropriate outlet?

    • I actually had a story published in Black Static’s former incarnation (The Third Alternative) but they’ve showed no interest in what I’ve sent them recently. Thanks for the tip re Dark Fuse – I’m not familiar with this mag and will check it out. But I’m tempted to believe the person who told me I’ll not be fully appreciated during my lifetime and give up sending anything off. Won’t be giving up writing – ever – mind!

  2. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out – but I’d definitely employ an Editor if I was heading down this route. Always good to have an objective view, of course, and a good Editor is priceless.

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