Twenty-three and a half degrees

Photo: Julie Travis

Photo: Julie Travis

The Winter Solstice is upon us again and yesterday’s Montol celebration in Penzance was overflowing with wonderful weirdness. We walked up Chapel Street to the sound of the darkest Samba drumming I’ve ever heard and were face to face with fire dancers. I laughed at the complete failure of the powers that be who have done their damnedest to sanitise this festival and purge it of any Pagan elements – the crowd were wearing antlers, goat horns, fox masks, ivy. Best of all was the massive female energy of the dancers and much of the audience. It was incredibly powerful, emotional and positive. Once again I don’t recollect seeing any children sacrificed during the proceedings.

A Fairy Ring is finished now, I think – or, rather, it’s in a place where I can’t add any more to it; it’s been emotionally gruelling to write. I hope it will be similar to read. I’m about to send it to Andy Martin, who as editor has the final say as to whether he includes it in the anthology.

In a statement of the blindingly obvious – but it must be said due to a recent incident where someone chose to use a photograph of mine on their blog without crediting it to me or even bothering to ask if it was okay to do so – please assume that ALL photographs are taken by myself unless credited otherwise and are NOT available to use without permission. Drop me an email if you want to use something and as long as it’s credited to me and your site isn’t objectionable, then I’m very likely to say ‘yes’. Had this person done so, all would have been well. As it was, he refused to either apologise or take any responsibility, instead stating it was my own fault that he stole a photograph because I hadn’t expressly credited it as my own work. It should also go without saying that any written material cannot be used without permission but sadly I need to make this clear. I had hoped never to have to write this kind of thing – having credited anyone who reads blog this with the intelligence to have worked all this out for themselves. Such is the world we live in.

4 thoughts on “Twenty-three and a half degrees

  1. Happy Yule/Solstice! that sounds like a celebration par excellence, and as for the children sacrifice – there’s always next year! (joking, of course.) Sorry to hear of your copyright issues – I don’t know how UK copyright law works, but I placed a copyright notice with my name, at the lower right of my blog, and that’s supposed to legally protect the author – perhaps something similar for you, where you place a notice that’s visible on your home page and every single post?

    • I had a look at WordPress’ own legal statements and they’re pretty clear that ‘ownership’ (and I sincerely don’t want to sound pompous about this) is with the blog author, but it would be incredibly helpful to add a copyright notice such as the one you have. I will investigate as soon as I can. Thanks TLP – you’re a gem!

  2. Hope you had a cool Yule, my friend. I must second This Little Plot’s excellent suggestion of a copyright notice on your blog; in fact, I based my WP copyright notice on hers! The one on my site is simpler: “All images text and coding ©2015 ” and then my name. (I do my own HTML & CSS on the site – you won’t need that bit.) While it won’t stop the obnoxious & unoriginal, and/or those with a severe sense of self-entitlement, it DOES clarify & provide some protection.

    • I’ve done some research and I’m not sure a ‘footer’ with a copyright notice will be possible, but I intend putting something in place in the next week or so. Many thanks for your help and I hope you’ve had a fantastic Yule, too.

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