Cross Bound to be made available in physical format

Mulfra Thru Grass

Ridiculously prolific musician and writer Andy Martin is having several more books published, one of which is an anthology that he has invited me to contribute a story to. Cross Bound, a story only available online in Aphelion webzine’s September 2011/February 2012 (best of year) issues, is at 14,000 or so words, a long read on a computer screen, so this will be included in the anthology. Perhaps I am also quite old-fashioned in that I do prefer physical to digital art! Anyway, I’m delighted to have been asked to contribute. The story has had a few tweaks in terms of making parts of the prose more fluid, but the story hasn’t been altered. The anthology is due to be published in 2016.

Andy has also remastered all of The Apostles’ singles and several of their albums, ready for cd release on BBP later this year. He’s sent me the remastered Apostles’ 7th single, Death To Wacky Pop, which was recorded with my band The Joy of Living, nearly thirty years ago, and it does sound a little beefier than the version that appeared on the Mortarhate Records compilation cd a few years back. He also described two of JoL’s songs, Regime Of Kindness and A Walk With Love And Death as ‘superb pop songs’ and wants to record them with his current band, UNIT. Can’t wait to hear them!

Feedback to Storylandia 15: The Julie Travis Collection has so far been positive, but no reviews have yet appeared, so it’s difficult to tell how it’s being received. I’m very aware that I have long since left behind the shock and gore of my early writing and perhaps am wandering around the slipstream genre even more than before. I have no idea what kind of person might like what I write these days. The copies I sent to two local radio stations have been met with deafening silence, but since BBC Radio Cornwall has described the tv adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell as ‘too weird’, they’re hardly likely to embrace my stories. Meanwhile, after a week walking and discovering more megalithic sites on the Isles of Scilly, I’m still trying to come to terms with the disastrous result of the General Election. I’ll be back working on Pig Iron very soon.

4 thoughts on “Cross Bound to be made available in physical format

  1. Exciting news about your upcoming online contribution; I share your preference for paper, but know it’s good to remain open to new things. Appreciate much that I learn from you about writing. I’m not savvy about finding audience/markets, but it does seem like now there are many more possibilities. Have you thought of searching abroad for potential reviews? Also think your work (what I’ve read of it) may also find a place somewhere around surrealism; slipstream seems fitting too. Condolences on the election!

    • Interesting points. I’ve long been influenced by surrealist art and, of course’ dreams and nightmares, so your comment makes sense and I’ll do some more internet trawls for other kinds of magazines – thanks!

      As for the election: we now have an ultra right-wing government that’s no longer held back by being in a coalition. The Human Rights Act will now be scrapped, the National Health Service has collapsed in places and will continue to do so, the Welfare State is being dismantled, the ban on fox hunting will be repealed. Hate crime against the disabled/people with learning difficulties is on the rise. Suicide amongst the disabled/mentally ill is on the rise. The number of people relying on Foodbanks in order to eat has soared. This is what we have voted for!

      I voted for the Green Party.

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