Lyonnesse revealed

Tree From Above

Parts of the ancient forest that connected Mounts Bay with St Michael’s Mount were uncovered by the storms at the beginning of the year. Some of the 6,000 year old tree trunks and stumps, looking almost reptilian but beautifully smooth to the touch, are close to where I live and I’ve spent some time there, photographing them and just soaking up their atmosphere and energy. Something positive from the terrible events of January and February.

Tree In Sand

Storylandia 12 is being proofread and I shall be receiving galley-proofs soon, so hopefully the journal will be appearing fairly soon. I will be especially pleased to see this publication, as I’ve wondered if The Ferocious Night was jinxed and would never be seen by the outside world. The Julie Travis edition of Storylandia will appear in 2015. This gives me time to keep working and get at least one more story to the editor for consideration. A new story, The Man Who Builds The Ruins, is proceeding at quite a pace. There are several possible endings to this one (usually only one or two present themselves) so time will tell what is the most appropriate/natural conclusion.


One thought on “Lyonnesse revealed

  1. Meant to comment earlier – love the photos of the petrified wood, how wonderful that they were uncovered after so much time. Agreed that they bring a positive spin to the dreadful Winter we all had.

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