The Ferocious Night: undelivered

The Tales From The River Vol 2 horror anthology should have been published today on Kindle. ‘Definitely’. But Dark River Press has suddenly closed, as
I found from looking at their website a few days ago. My email to the editor, asking for an explanation, came back as ‘delivery failed’. Not only has the publisher closed their doors, but they’ve shut down their own email address. I can only assume this is to avoid quite justifiable queries from authors, hopeful buyers and anyone else with an interest. It’s not the first time a publication I’ve
been involved in has folded: money runs out, personal lives take a turn for the
worst. Things happen. But the courtesy of a heads-up and an apology should be the least contributors should receive. And in the case of DRP – where I even
had a contract – there had been two previous publishing dates that were not
honoured. Several months of my life have been wasted on this. The one comfort I have is that my instincts were right: I smelt a whiff of bullshit when the first publication date came and went. I hung on because the first volume contained some good stories and I wanted to support, and be included, in another UK based publisher. A good editor is almost priceless, a bad one is simply a millstone. Onwards – the trawl for a new publisher for The Ferocious Night will continue. Happy Samhain!


7 thoughts on “The Ferocious Night: undelivered

  1. Many thanks for reblogging. I must say, I have met many great editors over the years who are constructive and have pushed me to make a story that much better, but there are a small percentage who appear to be incapable of responding to emails. Basic courtesy costs nothing, and it gives the appearance of arrogance. Writers and editors need one another! And everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

  2. It’s a real shame that they closed like this, I have had dealings with them before and they seemed ok.But as you said you never know the reason behind it unless they come out and say.

    Anyway every cloud and all that, I am the editor of the monthly magazine Sanitarium and I am happy to say that we are currently working on our third issue. We are open to submissions if you would like to send anything over.

    Please check our website for more details.


    Barry Skelhorn

    • Thanks – I’ve just had a look at your website. The magazine looks good to me and I’d happily submit a story, but your limit is 5,000 words and I don’t think I have anything under about 8,000. A shame.

  3. That’s a shame; but I hope you’ll forge ahead as you’ve been doing – this is the mantra I hear most of all. The ones who are published are the ones who persevere. Happy Samhain!

    • Happy Samhain to you, too. Yes, this isn’t the first time this has happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but facing forward is the only way to go.

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