Nightmares real and imagined

Recent dreams have been horrific, so much so that I’ll probably never write them down, but last night’s, though vivid, was not quite so bad: a witch was scattering the ashes of a cremated baby’s limbs over a shallow grave on unconsecrated land, a spell to stop the dead from rising. As she did this, her jaw swung open and a sound – either a laugh or a sigh – could be heard. I was there watching, approving of what she did so as not to anger her.

This will probably make it into a story at some point, and I’ll put it into my notebook before I forget the details, the atmosphere of it. Would Tessa Farmer describe her work as nightmarish? It’s all based on fairies – skeletal fairies who kill animals and play with their corpses. She says they come from a world bereft of humans, although whether she sees it as a good or a bad thing I’m not sure. But her sculptures are mind-blowing and I’ll try to get to the Millennium Gallery in St Ives before her exhibition closes on 17 July.

Pieces has finally been sent to a publisher, of a fledgling dark fantasy magazine, which sounds like it’s going to be fantastic (in all senses of the words). I can but hope. And continue with the second part of Darkworlds (still called Theophany). I also need to have a back-up piece of fiction to take to the Slip Into Something Uncomfortable event at the Penzance Lit Fest in case of lack of discussion/questions that I won’t be able to answer if I can’t remember half of what I’ve written over the years.

And I’m trying to find out whether Jhonn Balance was involved in the Zos Kia single Rape/Thank You. Since Coil used the music to Rape in Here to Here (Double Headed Secret), which appeared on one of the Unnatural History compilations, I’m assuming he was, but I can’t find confirmation.

4 thoughts on “Nightmares real and imagined

  1. Sounds like one wild dream. I’ve had a few disturbing dreams lately as well (one consisting of fighting off a sexual assault…yuck), but none so fantastic as the one you described. Anyway all I could dig up on the Zos Kia recording is from the insert of the Transparent CD (which you’ve probally aready read). Sleezy is interviewing Jhonn concerning the early Coil recordings of which he recounts that he didn’t actually turn up for the recordings in Austria, but sent a tape. The wiki entry for Zos Kia claims that John Gosling was the primary artist for the those recordings.

    • Thanks for this.

      I’ve read the wiki piece and was satisfied that the record was all John Gosling, but the appearance of the music on Unnatural Histories, plus bits and pieces I’ve read elsewhere, implied that Sleazy and Balance were involved in the Rape/Thank You single. I have a test pressing of the single and wondered who’s handwriting was on it (certain letters look like Balance’s) – my band got a test pressing from the same place and Mayking tended to date and catalogue stamp them rather than write.

      Here’s to peaceful dreaming!

  2. you absolutely must include these wild dreams in a story somewhere – that’s why they come to us! interesting bit about your approving, too, adds more mystery and complication to the mix.

    • I do have a theory about some dreams being real experiences in different versions of the world that we’ve ‘astrally travelled’ to, which is perhaps why I find some of them so terrifying. But yes, the ash-scattering witch will appear somewhere. I hope she doesn’t mind.

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