The Falling Man accepted for Storylandia magazine

Rough Tor

The Falling Man will appear in the beautiful looking Storylandia literary fiction magazine in the autumn. This is very good news; the momentum that I’d managed to build over 2011 appeared for a while to be falling flat on its face. This has turned out to be more a matter of emails not reaching their destination than anything else. I only have one more completed story to place, two if I’m happy with the latest draft of Pieces. Which means I’d better get going on Darkworlds Pt 2. It’s a nice position to be in.

After a lot of thought, I’m likely to be doing the reading at Penzance Literary Festival myself. It’ll be a shortish extract, probably of The Ferocious Night. It’s set in Cornwall, so that will go down well, and is more bizarre than gruesome, so should be suitable for anyone who turns up. Which reminds me – after a discussion with someone who was quite ‘grossed out’ by Darkworlds, I realised how much my fiction’s changed since the story was written, therefore you may have a noticed a small but telling change in how I describe my writing – I’m now, realistically, a dark fantasy/horror writer, rather than the other way round. A little bit of genre reassignment.


4 thoughts on “The Falling Man accepted for Storylandia magazine

  1. Thanks. The issue is due out in October, but I’ll be making a big deal of it here as soon as I get a copy. Cornwall is certainly dreamy at the moment – it’s sunny and the seagulls outside the window are raucous.

  2. Excellent news! The second half of the year will be treating you well.

    It’s always good ever so often to re-asses one’s approach to creative output, and take note of how a (potential) audience perceives that output.

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