Jackie Oates: gig review in The Cornishman

Merrivale Stone Row

I was lucky enough to see Jackie Oates & Karen Tweed at a local pub last week, and the review has been published in The Cornishman. I’m not as happy with it as I have been with other reviews – just goes to show that rushing a job is never a good idea – but I think it gives the general feel of the night. The link to the paper’s website isn’t working, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Meanwhile, some research on extreme body modification has been needed to finish Pieces. I still have a copy of the Re/Search Modern Primitives book, but it’s mostly about tattooing. The stuff I found online makes tattooing look tame. I suppose it’s just a matter of doing what you need to do to feel complete, even if that means removing a bit of yourself. Or cutting it in half. I’ll be writing more on tattooing soon, as soon as I get some decent shots of my own inks taken – they all have huge significance and are relevant to writing and everything I do. And I noticed something Peter Christopherson once wrote about wanting a magickal tattoo but being very cautious about it, as one should be of course. I wonder if he went through with it.

Daniel O’Sullivan/Mothlite

Dartmoor Bog

Have a look at Daniel O’Sullivan’s site: most notably for news of the (vinyl) release of the Laid To Rest collaboration with Serena Korda and Ian Johnstone’s artwork for Mothlite’s forthcoming album. The link to the music clips don’t appear to be working, but search him out via Mothlite at Soundcloud. Laid To Rest I find especially interesting – strange, processional music for a strange procession.