“Magic prefers circles”*

Troy Books has just published the memoirs/guide to witching by West Penwith witch/wise woman Cassandra Latham Jones. I haven’t read it yet but it’s something I must get hold of. Cassandra led the main parade at Mazey Day for many years, casting a spell for good weather and was teazer for Penglaz at the Montol (Winter Solstice) festival in Penzance. It should be a fascinating insight into modern witchcraft. Hallowe’en is approaching and year by year the real meaning drifts a little further away. The de-Paganing of the event, to the extent that it’s just a fun night for children to dress up as their favourite horror/Harry Potter character and collect sweets, is sad and frustrating. Cassandra’s book would be a far better ‘treat’ gift!

Little People's stone circle

On a recent trip, taking an old friend to Boscawen-Un stone circle near Crows-an-Wra, we found what seems to be another sacred site. Not noted anywhere, but recently cleared, it resembles a burial site of some kind, with a tiny stone circle. The photo above shows the nine stones but not the scale – it’s just a few feet across. What it actually is and when it was created is something I’ve yet to find out, but the ‘vibe’ at the place is amazingly calm and peaceful, the energy even better than at the nearby site.

POST SCRIPT (30 Oct): The comment by Troy Books includes a link to The Megalithic Portal, which has some details: the site is Creeg Tol, a natural rock formation. The stone circle is generally agreed to be reasonably recent, but no one seems to know any more than that. The vibe at the site, especially before it was cleared, is also generally agreed to be quite horrendous. People talk of being watched from the hole in the rocks. I’ll be going back there soon to check it out in more detail.

* Tallis Zawn, Launceston, Cornwall, 2010

4 thoughts on ““Magic prefers circles”*

  1. Sounds like an excellent reason to use my PayPal account, which has been gathering cobwebs for some time now! (Although it looks like I can send a check as well…hmmm) I’ll peruse Troy’s site further, and see what other literary goods are on offer.

  2. I’ve purchased one title from them, regarding the traditional/Pagan year in Penzance. The company have recently relocated to London, but their titles remain focused on Cornwall. If you buy the book, I would love to know your thoughts on it. And if you’re interested, Cassandra has an interview on YouTube.

  3. Hi,
    Troy Books is still based in Penwith, West Cornwall but, surprisingly, it’s far cheaper to have our mail forwarded onto us from a London BM Box address than it is to collect our mail in Penzance from a PO Box!

    The circle in the posting looks to be the mysterious Creeg Tol circle, which lies beneath the amazing Creeg Tol granite outcrop above Boscawen Un: http://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=18141

    With kind regards,

    Troy Books

  4. Hello Jane,
    Thanks for clarifying that. Good to hear you’re still down here! And thanks for the info on Creeg Tol. I’ve managed to get a bit of information about it, but the age of the ‘stone circle’ seems to be flummoxing folk.

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